Trademark Registration in Kerala

Trademark Registration in Kerala

A trademark registration is a visual representation of a name, word, label, gadget, or numeric character used to recognize it from its merchandise and/or other similar products and/or administrations got from various organizations. A trademark fills in as a one of a kind identification of products and/or administrations that an individual offers/sells from other such merchandise/administrations.

When a trademark is enlisted an intellectual property for the business utilized to get the company’s investment in the brand .

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in Kerala can be done once the trademark has been determined for the labor and products gave. Offered trademarks that are the same or similar to the current enlisted trademarks cannot be enrolled. In addition, trademarks that are misleading, normal, hostile, similar, have specially secured things, and so forth, cannot be enlisted.

In India, trademarks are enlisted by the Controller General of Patent Plan, Service of Business and Industry, Administration of India. Trademark Registration in Kerala are enlisted under the Trademarks Act, 2016 and authorize the trademark proprietor with the option to claim damages when the trademark is violated.

After registration of the trademark, the ‘R’ image can be utilized by the proprietor and said trademark registration will be valid for a fixed time of 10 years. The enrolled trademarks can easily recharged by applying for a trademark renewal for an all-inclusive time of over 10 years.

Advantages of trademark registration

Trademark registration in kerala

The greatest advantage of being an enrolled trademark is having the option to ensure one’s brand as well as one’s business by giving compassion to one’s business. In addition, having a solid brand guarantees as an immediate connection between the client and the item that they are trusted and permanently engaged in the business.


A trademark registration in Hyderabad is acceptable and offers credit to the wellspring of the help. An enlisted trademark guarantees great quality and administration. Enlisted trademarks assist in the advertisement of products as well as administrations.

Importance of trademark

As it is clear from the above the fact that it is so beneficial to enroll a trademark while maintaining a business, let us presently understand the importance of trademark registration:

A TM gives an unmistakable character

Since the time the market has seen a developing horde of companies and brands it has verged on making the distinction between them unthinkable. In this way, the solitary demarcation between companies for restrictiveness to attract clients to stand out is to get an enrolled trademark for one’s brand and subsequently enhance the business reputation on it.

A TM won’t ever end

Trademark registration in Kerala as referenced above accompanies a validity of 10 long years which can be recharged easily like clockwork before expiration and in this way, the trademark is alive or the trademark can last more!

TM The safeguard works

Trademark Registration in Kerala is fundamental for each business person to guarantee that their brand is ensured against contest. Presently, if an individual is attempting to create a trademark that is already an enlisted trademark by an individual, he not just loses business and generosity around there, yet in addition loses the accommodation of disallowing others from utilizing the same trademark. Thusly, securing the trademark will ensure the trademark/business, which further aides the individual by keeping others from utilizing the same trademark.

A TM is economical

The expense of trademark registration is a one-time cost. In addition, the duration and cycle of trademark registration has been decreased satisfactorily. It currently takes a half year to 1 year to handle a trademark registration application.

Also, when a trademark is enrolled, it is valid for a time of 10 years, which can be easily re-established at regular intervals before the expiration of the trademark.

TM Is an asset

An enlisted trademark is an ideal asset for a business/brand/company that straightforwardly gets back altruism. Subsequently, trademark desirability is enhanced with trade development. In fact, an enlisted trademark can be sold, transferred or purchased or even utilized as a security to obtain a loan that is the same as any other tangible asset.

Step by step trademark registration technique:-

Trademark registration in kerala

The trademark registration in Kerala measure incorporates documenting a trademark application, trademark examination, publication or advertisement of the trademark, protests whenever raised, registration of the trademark and renewal of the trademark at regular intervals.

Although the trademark registration measure is straightforward, it is prescribed to enlist a specialist trademark lawyer for the registration interaction to make it easier and more reliable.

Stage 1: Trademark Search

Many business visionaries don’t understand the importance of TM creation. Having an extraordinary brand name as a primary concern isn’t sufficient reason to avoid TM search. TM Search assists you with seeing whether the same trademarks are available and gives you a fair image of where your trademark is, here and there, it also gives you a point of reference for the chance of a trademark judgment. Why waste your cash on a tedious trademark claim when you can decide to avoid it in any case?

Stage 2: Recording trademark application

When you are certain that your picked brand isn’t recorded in Trademark Vault, you can decide to enlist the same. The initial step is to document a trademark application in the Trademark Vault India. Nowadays, documenting is generally done on the web. When the application is recorded, an official receipt is immediately given for future reference.

Stage 3: Exam

After presenting the trademark application, it is checked by the examiner for any discrepancies. The trademark registration in Kerala exam can take about 12-year and a half. The examiner may accept the trademark in full, conditional or Item.

On the off chance that unconditionally accepted, the trademark is distributed in the Trademark Journal. On the off chance that unconditionally not accepted, the conditions will be met or complaints will be referenced in the examination report and one month will be given to meet the conditions or issues with the protests.

When such feedback is accept, the trademark is distribute in the Trademark Journal. In the event that the answer isn’t accept, a hearing may be mentioned. At the hearing, the examiner feels that the trademark ought to allowed to enlist & distribute in the trademark journal.

Stage 4: Release

The distributing step is remember for the trademark registration in Bangalore measure so anyone who objects to the trademark registration has the chance to protest. On the off chance that, long periods of publication. In the event that there is no dissent after months, continue to trademark registration. The case is against; there is a fair hearing and a choice is make by the registrar.

Stage 5: Certificate of registration

When the application has continued for registration, after publication in the trademark journal. A certificate of registration is given under the seal of the trademark office expense.

Stage 6: Restore

The trademark can persistently re-established like clockwork. Subsequently, your logo or brand name registration can gotten until the end of time.

As seen above, India measure doesn’t need a lot of exertion for trademark registration in Kerala. It is a basic cycle however it is regardless vital for brand name registration. We can assist you with the whole registration measure without agonizing over deadlines and answers. Along these lines, understand the force of your brand name registration and take steps to get it today.

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