Trademark Registration in Kerala

What is the process of trademark registration in Kerala?

Trademark registration is a vital recognizable proof name, logo, or trademark for your items or administrations, which gives you an exceptional ID anyplace on the planet. A trademark, not really a logo, can be a name, trademark, item, or something that needs to have total rights. Trademark is an interesting, expressive term, picture, or logo, which shows a notorious portrayal of brand items and administrations. Each brand’s particular trademark isolates’ it from different rivals on the lookout. Anybody can apply for the trademark online who guarantees the responsibility which organization needs to use under that trademark. You should consent to utilize the trademark while applying for enrollment.

Documents of trademark registration

Trademark Registration in Kerala

Registration under trademark registration in Kerala requires the following documents. They are given below:

  • Name of Applicant/Proprietor
  • Address of Place of Business
  • Country
  • Trading
  • Trade Description (Manufacturer/Services supplier)

Applications of trademark

Before the correction in the Trademark Rules, 2017, the Trademark office had around 75 applications for every single explicit activity. Presently, the absolute number of uses has been decreased to 8. Upon the picking the particular reason, we may additionally pick the necessary activity for which the application is recorded. Trademark Registration in Kerala ,all in all one fundamental application has can help in making numerous moves.

1. TM A

This application is for a new brand name for which you look for security. This application is just when another application is documented before the Trademark Registry.

2. TM R

The registration of a brand name application is legitimate for a time of 10 years. The registration must restored once in at regular intervals. You can utilize this application for recording a recharging of the mark.

3. TM M

Any adjustment that you wish to make to the application like change in the candidate, the date of first use, the adjustment of the shades of the logo and so forth before the registration of the mark might made through this application.

4. TM P

Any adjustment as for the candidate/owner of the mark ensuing to the registration of the mark will be documented through this application.

5. TM U

Applications relating to the registration and dropping of the enlisted client of the mark might be documented in this application.

6. TM C

When a copyright application is petitioned for an imaginative work, the copyright office requires the copyright candidate to outfit a leeway testament from the brand name office that a comparative logo has not been enlisted as a brand name by an alternate owner.

7. TM G

This application is recorded when one needs to enlist oneself as the brand name specialist, restoration of brand name office and surrender of such organization by the specialist.

Process of Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in Kerala

The trademark registration in Kerala follows the procedure as given below.

Trademark search

It is advisable that you lead/get us to direct a trademark search for you before you choose to feel free to document a trademark application, however it isn’t required, as a trademark search would give you a knowledge into the comparative/same/indistinguishable marks that are available in the particular classes of products or administrations. When you realize that the trademark search items are positive or that the dangers could be survived, you may continue with the documenting of the application/s.

Examination Report

The Trademark Registry will inspect and investigate the brand name application. In the event that it tracks down any indistinguishable/comparative imprint, or anything in opposition to the arrangements of the Trademarks Act, 1999 the Trademark Registry will mention any objection.

Response to examination

As a training, a reaction to the Examination Report must be submitted before the Trademark Registry. The response to examination report ought to documented within 30 days from the day of receipt of the examination report.

Advertisement in Trademark journal

On the off chance that the Trademark Registry doesn’t track down any comparative imprint and passes through the examination of the inspector, the application will be distributed in the Trademark Journal for a time of 4 months.


The Trademark registration in Bangalore Registry after accepting of the reaction to Examination Report will investigate the reaction and if need be require a conference in the jurisdictional Trademark office. The candidate/agent or lawyer of the candidate may introduce his/her instance of broad use and contentions against the complaints brought up in the Examination Report by the Trademark Registry. In the event that the Trademark Registry feels that the explanation gave in the reaction or at the conference is adequate, the application continues to distribution in the Trademark Journal.


During the publication period for example 4 months, any outsider regardless of if a brand name application has record or is document in a similar class or not, may document a resistance if under any condition such outsider feels that enrollment of the imprint will frustrate his/her/its business or business interests through TM O. A reaction to such resistance might document by the candidate through similar structure inside two months from the date of receipt of the resistance.

Evidence and hearing

Trademark registration in Kerala then goes through evidence and hearing. When opposition and response to opposition have been recorded. The Trademark office will demand for proof to support the claims of both the parties. Accordingly the Registry calls the two gatherings for a conference. Here and there only one hearing might be adequate and at others various hearings might be vital.

Grant or refusal of trademark registration

Upon the consultation/s for the resistance and the contentions by both the parties, the Trademark Registry will determine the destiny of the application/s.

The Trademark Registration in kerala measure is amazingly straightforward particularly after the amendment in the Trademark Rules in March 2017. The Registry has been continually running after reviewing the brand name enlistment cycle. And moving to take fast choices on the applications.

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