Trademark Registration in Kerala

How do I know if a brand name is trademarked?

Trademark Registration

On the off chance that you are somebody hoping to enlist your brand name, the initial phase in the process is to do an exhaustive hunt of the current trademark registration and applications. Here, this apparatus proves to be useful. You can run your starter search to check whether your brand name is accessible or if it’s taken by another person.

After you run a fundamental search, you can contact Trademark registration in Kerala to deal with the brand name register for you.

We deal with every one of the key assignments so you don’t need to stress over investigating the list items, distinguishing the correct class for your item/administration, or ensuring you are presenting your application blunder free.

Trademark Search

Trademark Registration in Kerala

The utilization of a brand name search apparatus isn’t finished in the event that you have enlisted your brand name. It is additionally important to guarantee that your brand name rights are secured. New brand name applications are presented each day and somebody can endeavour to enrol something similar or a comparable brand name as yours.

The brand name search instrument assists you with looking out for such potential outcomes. At the point when you do discover somebody attempting to enrol your brand name or a comparative one, you can make a protest.

This can be a tedious cycle for you to continue to check occasionally. Along these lines, to make it simpler for you Trademark registration in Kerala gives our brand name watch administration.

Through brand name watch, we ensure that your privileges are secure by consistently checking new brand name enlistments and giving you constant data about any conceivable encroachment.

Benefits of using the tool

Trademark registration in Kerala does the search and has the following benefits.

  • Our inquiry isn’t limited to comparable/indistinguishable word coordinates alone. We recognize similitudes in word implications also.
  • We plan a modified brand name watch boundary to suit your remarkable requirements.
  • You can store and survey your watch reports in our easy to use online interface
  • We offer exceptionally reasonable administrations with volume limits
  • It give opportune reports with the goal that you can move quickly to secure your licensed innovation
  • We influence best in class innovation to distinguish visual and phonetic similarities

Benefits of Brand name registration

The registration done through Trademark registration in Kerala has the following benefits.

Exclusive rights

A maker of the brand would wish to appreciate the select directly over it denying utilization by outsiders without his assent. An enrolled brand name satisfies your desire by offering the responsibility for brand name and logo for every one of the items falling under the class(es) applied. Further, the proprietor can appreciate the sole title of the Trademark and can prevent other from the unapproved utilization of the Trademark under a similar class where it is enrolled. Trademark Registration in Kerala gives the option to sue the unapproved client of the Trademark Registered. In any case, the rights are concede after issuance of enlisted declaration just under the class applied. The rights can’t asserted for exercises not covered by the applied class.

Protection – Trademark Registration

Discovering potential outcomes of unapproved use of your authoritative standing? An enrolled Trademark will guarantee no contender or other individual can utilize the wordmark or logo enlisted by you under brand name. Be that as it may, if regardless one uses it without the endorsement of the proprietor of brand name or utilize same, the proprietor can get the lawful insurance under the Act and stop the individual doing as such.

Global trademark registration

On the off chance that one needs to enrol the brand name in nations other than India, the brand name enlist in India can utilized as premise of global enlistment. For any individual willing to grow outside India, brand name enlisted in India can furnish a decent base alongside the set up Goodwill in other Country. The trademark Registration in Bangalore application for enlistment in other organization is need to made inside endorsed season of utilization in India.

Set product

It makes simple for clients to discover your items utilizing ® mark adjacent to the brand name or logo. Brand name makes your item and personality of items particular from that of the current and predicted contenders going about as proficient business apparatus to advertise the item. The logo will impart your vision, quality or interesting trademark to the outsiders, obviously filling in as self-showcasing device.

Asset creation

Registration under Trademark registration in Kerala makes a theoretical resource for example Licensed innovation for an association. Enlisted brand name is a privilege made which can sold, relegated, diversified or financially contracted. Likewise, the Trademark is a theoretical resource which gives the benefit to the association. This immaterial resource will shape part of the fiscal reports of the proprietor and subsequently while move of business the worth of generosity can be encased by the proprietors.

Protection against infringement

Discovering conceivable outcomes of unapproved utilization of your hierarchical standing? An enlisted Trademark will guarantee no contender or other individual can utilize the wordmark or logo enrolled by you under brand name. Be that as it may, if regardless one uses it without the endorsement of the proprietor of brand name or utilize same, the proprietor can get the lawful assurance under the Act and stop the individual doing as such.


A brand Name whose registration is complete through Trademark registration in Kerala impacts the dynamic force of the customers moving toward the association with the standing it holds. An ideal Trademark, through which an association will be known, can be the word or expression that is not difficult to talk and recall. Notwithstanding the said character, it ought not to lose its uniqueness and particular character. The uniqueness will affirmed by the association in way that it doesn’t struggle with other enlisted brand names or notable brands. Aside from brand name enrolment, a logo can likewise applied with a similar application.

A business person or proprietor of business wary to fabricate a presumed brand in the business ought to know about what are the advantages that a Registered Trademark can offer to your business to take a savvy choice of making an application.

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