Trademark Registration In Kerala

Solubilis offers trademark registration in Kerala. The main function of the TM Registry is to register trademarks which is qualified for registration as per provisions of the Trade Marks Act and Rulesand to maintain the Register of trademarks. It helps to mark our goods and services of our business and prevent fraudulent use of mark. Trademark registration is a valuable business asset which gives more benefits to business and it secures the business product or services. It can be given in different identities such as phrase, letter, number, name, symbol, smell, sound mark, and slogan and in different combination of colures. The registrar of trademarksis appointed by the central government. In India, the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Government of India is the authority to register the trademark. It is registered under the Trademark Act 1999, which provides right to the trademark owner. Once the trademark is registered, it will be valid for ten years and the symbol “R” can be used. Registered trademark renewal can be easilydone by filing the trademark renewal application for the next ten years

Process of TM

Brand Name

Preparing a brand name for a product or service to a business to avoid fraudulent.

Document Verification

It is the first step to show all documents briefly for verification to get trademark.

Trademark Application

It is the first initial stage of trademark registration process. Trademark examiner Verifies the application for certain reasons.

Journal Publication

After proper verification of examiner, trademark will be published on common trademark journal.

Against Of Trademark

Any individual or company or jointly can move against in deceptive trademark.

Trademark Expiry

It prevents others from using similar mark.They want to understand requirements of trademark restoration once your trademark expires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

trademark registration

A trademark is nothing but an intellectual property, or an indicator of a person or a business organization. It maybe a name, icon, design, image, or a combination of these.

You will need to personally walk down and submit the application for registration to any one of the offices of the Registrar of Trade Marks located in your area.After which you receive the acknowledgement of the application and the receipt, usually within 15-20 days of the filing.

Trademark is important for business people. It is like business assets and it helps to grow their business.

Once the trademark is registered it is valid of 10 years from the date of the application.

We can get source of trademark by both state law and federal law.


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