Benefits of trademark registration

Logo is the mark of identity that specify goods and services from the other competitors. Maximum number of business persons are searching trademark at time of the business will make differentiates of a product and it will recognition of quality of a provides exclusive brand name and logo of your company.

Trademark will secure product and services of the business and to protect others to use of similar signs and riding back of your business. It will present plenty of business opportunities to your brand.Solubilis will be best trademark consultants in Kerala for reserve your business name. Our trademarkrepresentative will guide Trademark is a valuable business asset it can appreciate value over time it may help to grow from one industry to another industry

Documents Of Trademark Registration

  • The name, address, and nationality of the applicant.
  • To signify that all goods or services bearing the trademark come from a single source.
  • For a company, the country and the state of incorporation need to be mentioned.
  • A list should be provided for the goods and services that are to be registered.
  • A soft copy of the trademark should be produced.
  • If the mark has non-English words, that all need to be translated in English.
  • Priority claim based on the Date of the application, country of the application & application number.
  • Date of the trademark been used.
  • Power of Attorney which is simply signed by the Applicant.


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