Trademark Registration in Kerala

How long it takes to obtain trademark registration in Kerala?

Trademark registration enlistment measure in India is required if an organization/individual expect to have the total responsibility for check and mean to shield it from the abuse by the outsider. Trademark enrollment gives legitimate right to make a fitting move against the outsider against an encroachment of the trademark. Enrolling a trademark gives the proprietor selective right to utilize it for its items and additionally benefits. Assuming the trademark enlistment measure is followed without a hitch, the proprietor can utilize the image that shows that particular trademark is enrolled. The image demonstrates trademarks enlistment in India application is recorded.

Registration Process

trademark registration in kerala

The trademark registration in Kerala follows the procedure as said below.

  1. Choosing mark
  2. Classification of goods and services
  3. Search trademark office records
  4. Filing application
  5. Responds to the objections
  6. Advertising in the trademark journal
  7. Responding to oppositions by third parties
  8. Registration
  9. Renewal

1. Choosing trademark

It is one of the hardest occupation for the trademark proprietor. This will be your image and transforming it later won’t be simple. After a few meetings to generate new ideas, you pick the right trademark for your business. Since you have concocted a trademark do a trademark search.

2. Classification of goods and services

It is vital for you to secure your trademark for the right products of administrations you offer under your trademark registration in Kerala. It is significant that your specialist co-op comprehends your business a long time prior to choosing to choose the classes wherein the trademark ought to ensured. For instance, your trademark will fall under contrast classes in the event that you offer web application advancement administrations versus having an application for the motivations behind selling goods online.

3. Trademark search

It is the process where the records of the trademark office are look for something similar or comparative marks in your preferred classes to check whether anybody has petitioned for comparable stamps sooner than you. Also, it is fitting to do an overall Internet search too. A few nations including India are not a first to document yet rather a first to utilize country. Trademark Registration in Kerala implies that whoever utilizes the trademark initially gets a greater number of rights than the person who petitioned for an application with the Indian trademark office.

4. Filing application

This might be one of the least demanding one once the above advances are done appropriately. It resembles as getting your establishment set up before you begin fabricating your home. Nonetheless, put in the right data in your application to stay away from any protests by the trademark office on a later date. This clearly accompanies insight.

5. Objections are raised by trademark office

At the point when they inspect your application to enlist your trademark under trademark registration in Kerala and the equivalent ought to reacted to and consented inside one month from the date of such protests. The vast majority of these complaints can kept away from when the equivalent is anticipated at the hour of arrangement and trademark search by your specialist organization. This saves costs as well as a great deal of time during the time spent getting your trademark enlisted in India.

6. Advertisement in trademark journal

It is on the grounds that any outsider can go against to the enlistment of your mark under trademark registration in Kerala on a few grounds. The most well-known one being that your mark resembles their mark. Opposition procedures are long and expensive and could kept away from by following the right methodology prior to documenting the application. Timetable: 4 months from the date of promoting the application.

7. Registration

It is concede without any opposition within 4 months from the date of commercial. The enlistment is substantial for a time of a long time from the date of the application. You should begin utilizing the ® image on your trademark right away. Course of events: seven days after expiry of the opposition time frame and in the shortfall of any opposition.

8. Renewal

It can filed a half year before its expiry date. The renewal grants an additional long term insurance to your privileges on your trademarks.

Benefits of trademark registration

Trademark registered under Trademark registration in Kerala has the following benefits.


Trademarks enlisted and connected with your items improve your general business worth, altruism and total assets in the business. Your trademark imparts your quality confirmation, unmistakable elements of your items and your association’s central goal. Trademarks add to the development of your business. They assist with holding faithful clients and secure the generosity of your business.

Brand recognition

Clients partner an item’s presentation, quality, highlights, etc. with the organization making such items. They recognize the item for the most part by the logo, which would be an enrolled trademark. Trademark enrollment works with brand acknowledgment for your labor and products. Trademark Registration in Kerala likewise makes generosity related with the brand. Hence, your image is perceive just as conveys a market esteem over the long haul. Brand acknowledgment invites new clients while holding steadfast clients.

Expansion of business

A trademark sets up an association between the clients and the results of an undertaking. With proficient or one of a kind items, you can make a client base. Your trademark helps you in holding and extending the client base. Enrollment of your trademark presents selective privileges of utilization for a very long time and ensures your business incomes. Business endeavors can use the advantages of a client base by introducing new items and growing their business.

Creation of asset

Trademark enrollment under trademark registration in Kerala makes a resource for a business venture. Trademark is perceive as an immaterial resource for bookkeeping and annual expense purposes. Trademarks are protect innovation and convey a worth related with the items they address. Trademarks can sold, diversified, appointed or financially took advantage of in some other way. You can perceive the worth or cost related with trademarks in the books of records, and furthermore guarantee an allowance for devaluation and perceive pay from something very similar.

Trademark empowers you and an outsider to recognize your items and administrations from those having a place with your rival. Nonetheless, it is useful to remember that topographical names, normal names, normal exchange words and normal condensing can’t enlisted as a trademark.