Trademark Registration in Kerala

Can I use another company’s tagline?

There are two sorts of taglines or slogans companies typically look for assurance of, taglines attached to an advertising campaign or sales of a decent or administration, and taglines or slogans that are on merchandise proposed to summon or amuse individuals and drive them to purchase the merchandise. In choosing whether obtaining insurance is a decent business choice, most companies gauge the potential expenses of obtaining assurance against the strength of the mark for which security is wanted. An inquiry that we regularly experience when companies look for security of a tagline is whether the tagline is even protectable. The short answer to that question is indeed, usually.

Trademark Registration

Historically, the Patent and Trademark Registration in Kerala and the courts have been reluctant to stretch out trademark security to slogans and taglines, leading to the reluctance of companies to look for assurance at all. In the course of recent decades, in any case, insurance of taglines got more commonplace, as it is currently settle that the degree of security afford to a tagline or slogan is the same as that for different trademarks. As early as 1970, the courts concluded that slogans as trademarks are dependent upon the same investigation as non-slogan trademarks. See Roux Laboratories, Inc. v. Clairol Inc., 427 F.2d 823 (C.C.P.A. 1970). From that point forward, courts and administrative bodies have followed the Roux Laboratories choice in evaluating slogan and tagline marks utilizing the same examination as non-slogan marks.

Trademark Tagline

Trademark Registration in Kerala

To qualify as protectable, taglines or slogans should be either innately particular or creative, or have grown sufficient secondary meaning to immediately call an item or administration to mind. Secondary meaning isn’t typically a company’s best option in establishing that a tagline is protectable. Illustrative taglines, in any case, require proof of secondary meaning to be protectable. Secondary meaning alludes to the qualification the mark has acquired with shoppers to associate the mark with a source. Trademark Registration qualification can take time to establish, and can demonstrated with either five years of nonstop use in trade or substantial sales and advertising. Accordingly, except if the tagline is utilize in a substantial advertising campaign, establishing secondary meaning can an extensive and daunting task.

All the more every now and again, a tagline will protectable in the event that it is consider innately particular or creative. Better insurance is afford to marks that are more unmistakable or creative. Taglines and slogans are dependent upon the same examination as non-tagline trademark registration in Kerala when examined by the inborn uniqueness. Intrinsically unmistakable or creative taglines typically comprise of made-up words, words that are astonishing or sudden with regards to their usage, or words that astutely imply qualities about the item or administration.


Generally, taglines and “traditional” trademarks are administer by the same standards. Accordingly, inasmuch as a tagline or slogan is either intrinsically particular or has created secondary meaning, a tagline is protectable as a trademark. In the event that a tagline is firmly connect to an advertising campaign or utilized habitually on products or administrations, it’s anything but a decent business choice to petition for trademark registration in Kerala with the .

Your company has been doing business and utilizing the same tagline for various years. Another company starts utilizing the same tagline. What are your alternatives?

While some may mistakenly allude to the issue as a copyright issue, it’s anything but a trademark or unfair rivalry issue. Momentarily, intellectual property law ensures original creative material like books, films, visual art, and even magazine sections. Trademark law secures one’s elite utilization of an identifier (e.g., branding) for the wellspring of a particular item or administration. The trademark-ensured identifier can be a word, phrase, plan, shape, shading, – and, indeed, a tagline.

While evaluating whether the other company’s utilization of an identical tagline violates your trademark rights and regardless of whether legal action is warranted, you ought to ask yourself the accompanying inquiries:

Trademark Rights

1) Are you actually utilizing the tagline in a manner that qualifies for trademark insurance? This requires utilizing the tagline in trade. Many entrepreneurs don’t completely understand that trademark use in business requires utilizing the trademark registration in Kerala making available for purchase the businesses acceptable or administration. It’s anything but adequate to utilize the company name, logo, or tagline on company letterhead or business cards.

2) On the off chance that you have trademark registration in Kerala, have they actually encroached? Because a company has trademark rights, those rights don’t absolutely deny anyone else from utilizing the same name, logo, or tagline. An entrepreneur can keep others from utilizing her trademark just if the other use is befuddling. The same exact trademark you use can utilize on a substantially unique item or in a substantially extraordinary industry.

3) Have you enlisted your trademark registration in Kerala? Registration is anything but an essential for valid trademark rights. You instantly foster trademark rights by being quick to utilize the trademark in business in a particular geographic locale. All things considered, federal registration of the trademark with the Trademark Office furnishes a trademark proprietor with some of additional benefits remembering nationwide restrictiveness for the trademark, increased forces to implement trademark rights, and qualification to get higher damage awards from the infringer if your trademark encroachment lawsuit is effective.