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Advantages of Trademark Registration in Kerala

A trademark Registration is a mark used to differentiate a company’s goods or services in a commercial environment. Trademarks other than trademarks can be registered: logos, descents, geographical indications, collective trademarks, certificates or guaranteed trademarks and rewards.

Similar marks of Trademark

To determine whether there is a possibility of confusion, the marks are examine first for their similarities and differences. Note that in order to detect the possibility of confusion, the marks do not have to be the same. When spoken, the marks seem to be the same, visually identical, have the same meaning (even in translation), and / or create the same general business impression in the minds of the users, the marks are consider the same in confusion. Equality in sound, appearance and meaning may be sufficient to support the discovery of the possibility of confusion based on the compatibility of services.

Signs cannot be trademarked if

  • They are already registered
  • They mislead the customer
  • It is simply made up of words describing the characteristics of goods or services or words that are used in business language.
  • They use expressions that are contrary to morality and good manners
  • They infringe on the rights of third parties or promote unfair competition
  • Include state symbols, symbols of national or foreign public bodies, coat of arms, names of people or pictures of people, without the permission of the person or entity who owns these symbols
  • Include signs with a high symbolic value (for example, religious symbols), unless they have become significant in the current language or trade and not with other elements that make the sign special.

Benefits of trademark registration

Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration

There are numerous benefits of trademark registration in Kerala. They are:

1.Building Trust / Goodwill

Serving people with a quality product under a registered trademark helps you increase the trust / loyalty of your customers. A registered trademark also shows that you personally care about your brand which is pass about your brand in public.

2.Legal Security

Once a trademark will register in trademark registration in Kerala the owner has the power to sue any third party who attempts to infringe on your brand.

3.Distinctive Identity

The trademark helps the consumer to uniquely identify the product and service you provide. It creates an image in the market.

Trademark registration marks the owner’s sole right to use the trademark in respect of good (services) or service (services), in respect of which the mark is register and to indicate using that symbol (r)), and seek relief from violations in the appropriate courts in the country. The exclusive right however is subject to any conditions entered on the register such as limitation of area of ​​use etc. Also, where two or more individuals have reported the same or almost identical marks due to special circumstances, such special rights do not work against each other.

Is right time for trademark registration?

Trademark registration in Thrissur will done at an early stage gives you the opportunity to check if a company or organization is already using the same or similar brand name that could lead to litigation or confusion in the target audience resulting in loss of revenue.

Who can use the symbol in India – Only the owner of the trade whose trademark registration in Cochin can use the symbol. Using the symbol – Unless your symbol is register in India it is illegal.

Who can register trademark registration in Cochin?

Anyone who may be an individual, company, proprietor or legal entity claiming to own a trademark.

The trademark application will fill in a few days and you can start using the “TM” symbol. And the time required for a trademark registry to complete formalities is 8 to 24 months. Once your trademark is register and a certificate of registration will issue, you can use the register symbol.

Different types of trademarks: –

There are different types of trademark will done by trademark registration in kollam

  • Personal or surname of the applicant or name including the signature of the predecessor or person in the business
  • A coined word or any arbitrary dictionary words, not a direct description of the character or services.
  • Alphanumeric or letters or numbers or any combination thereof.
  • Image, symbol, monogram, 3 dimensional shapes, letters etc.
  • Sound marks in Audio format

Trade secrets

Trademark Registration secrets are the obvious defenses that some intangible asset inventors or creators receive. Common examples of trade secrets include customer inventory, chemical formulas, manufacturing processes, business plans, inventions and so much more. The main point of trade secrets is that there is no public disclosure of assets. The primary means with which one protects trade secrets are agreements (usually nondisclosure agreements).

What are the benefits of trade secrets?

First, trade secrets can cover any type of design, information or other knowledge that may be protected from other intellectual property forms. In fact, it is quite common for companies to protect other intellectual property types, such as patents and trademarks, from trade secrets before they receive intellectual formal protection from the government.

Second, unlike crypto currencies, trade secrets can cover functional items or utility items, such as chemical formulas or problem-solving methods from computer and software. Unlike patents, trade secrets can cover the expression of data, such as the process of compiling customer data catalogs .

Third, trade secrets can present a competitive advantage that can be difficult to replicate engineer or reproduce. Patents require full disclosure in exchange for limited monopoly protection. However, no disclosure is require for trade secrets.

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